Andreas Bolm, Manuel Ferrari, Lisa Rave, Jean-Pierre Rehm, Alex Reynolds

Work in Film

In an attempt to share their current work (in) progress, the participants each present and screen/perform pieces they are currently working on. Each of them at different stages of preparation of new works that vary in genre, length and approach. They hope the presentation will provide a variety of possibilities and approaches to filmmaking.

Andreas Bolm


An improvised musical reading of an excerpt of a movie script with guitar and voice. The script is based on original trial documents about poisoning murder cases that took place in a small Hungarian village in the early 1930s.

Manuel Ferrari

Solitude at Work


Solitude at Work from Manuel Ferrari on Vimeo.

Last November during the workshop Chronicles of Work V. The Dissensual Awarenes of Labor, I was at Akademie Schloss Solitude presenting a work-in-progress for my film Chronicles of Solitude. Right after those days I stayed in the Akademie to finalize shooting the film, with the support of Andreas Bolm who helped with the sound. The result of this work is shown here.

Lisa Rave


16mm Film, color
30 min

The Villages from Lisa Rave on Vimeo.

The Villages is a documentary film, presenting two geographically distinct communities as they begin to merge into one fictive filmed space. The film moves from intimacy to observation, focusing on a retirement community of the same name and the former German colonial town of Swakopmund, Namibia, most recently appearing as the setting for the remake of the British television series, The Prisoner. Using the series as a leitmotif, The Villages portrays the reconstruction and the idealization of colonial histories, through the architecture, borders and social relations of both communities. A narrative begins to form between the analogies of spaces and the conventions of documentary, between the synchronization of image and sound; between acting and editing. The Villages represents a fantastic dystopian space, through the ever evolving social segregation of the communities and the transformation of tourism into everyday life.

Alex Reynolds



13 min

Juana (excerpt) from alex on Vimeo.

De día



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