Saâdane Afif, Katharina Schrade, Augustin Maurs

Sept notes sur le travail de Peter Roehr

Project curated by Saâdane Afif
With Katharina Schrade (soprano) and Augustin Maurs (piano)
Courtesy of Mehdi Chouakri Gallery, Berlin

Sept notes sur le travail de Peter Roehr is an exhibition project that initially took place at Galerie Medhi Chouakri in 2013. Paul Maenz, administrator of the estate of the artist Peter Roehr (1944–1968), commissioned the Berlin-based artist Saâdane Afif to propose an exhibition on Roehr’s works.
In response to this invitation, Afif took on the position of a curator and borrowed the codes of an academic presentation. He selected eight works by the artist (seven and one bonus) and, for each of them, wrote an annotation in the style of Concrete poetry. The texts accompanied Roehr’s works in the exhibition, displayed next to them as captions in vinyl lettering.
Prior to the exhibition, Afif invited the pianist Augustin Maurs to compose songs from his texts, which were interpreted live by opera singer Katharina Schrade at the exhibition’s opening.
During an introductory conference, the singer introduced the elements of the exhibition to the public with a slide show, like a curator, and sang Afif's texts as comments. After the performance, the audience could listen to the operatic songs on an audio guide available at the exhibition space.

Only the project’s performance part is reenacted at Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Works by Peter Roehr

Untitled (TY-7), 1963

Untitled (TY-87), 1964

Untitled (TY-93), 1965

Untitled (ST-5), 1962

Untitled (LE-5), 1964, and Untitled (LE-6), 1964
Each edition of 5 + 1

Untitled (OB-134), 1966

Untitled (FO-50), 1965

Untitled (FO-10), 1964

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