Saša Asentić


Human beings never experience reality directly, but rather through symbols, discourses, and socially constructed narratives. The author and performer Saša Asentić used this principle for his performance, focusing on live action and role-playing games through which the participants investigated a wide range of social relationships.

Fictional plot (a starting situation for the audience, i.e. participants):

The Schloss Magnitude has existed since the early nineties. It has supported both emerging and renowned artists in various disciplines with residency and work fellowships. It has functioned as an artistic incubator, a node for innovative and progressive ideas, and a place of research. It was always open to influences and in large part shaped by its fellows and guests. Despite many obstacles, the past two decades were a great period for the Schloss Magnitude, its fellows, and its audiences.

However, considering the cultural and creative industries trends within the European Union’s cultural policies, Schloss Magnitude’s original missions are currently under fire. With the newest City’s announcement it became clear that the City’s focus is cultural tourism and development of international festivals, including popular programs that promote the City’s diversity.

The previous director’s contract expired last week.

The City officials will speak to the Schloss Magnitude’s board members to choose a new director. The City is trying to push its vision through and appoint their candidate as a new director of the Schloss Magnitude. It’s in the City’s interest that this decision is made quickly and without public debate.

The fellows and staff members have only a short time to discuss how they see Schloss Magnitude’s future.

Many oppositional voices are rising. First, some fellows and staff members are trying to maintain the Schloss Magnitude’s work model and resist cultural and creative industry policies, others are willing to accept the change for personal profit, and some are just indecisive. Second, local artists are also interested in a change, primarily to make the Schloss Magnitude part of their local scene. Third, the board members want to appoint a new director but they are highly divided among themselves. Lastly, audiences and visitors of the Schloss Magnitude have their own opinions and are trying to decide which side to support.

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